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Variable barcode label printing

Variable data can be any unique information that differs from one label to the next, such as sequentially numbered barcode labels.
These labels can be used for asset tracking, serial numbers, work in process labels, pallet labels, warehouse labels, pharmaceutical labeling and more.

Sunkey Packaging is the first company in China to achieve QR code printing on its laminated film. Each bag has an individualized code to provide a one stop solution tailored to the users’ needs.

    Laminated Film QR Code
    Duplex 360º Variable Position
    Individualized code on each impression
    High recognition rate

Printing system

Multiple modules using a single &   multi-purpose piezoelectric variable data printing systems, single   piezoelectric effective printing width is 108mm, production print speed   75-150m / min (maximum print speed depends on the selected resolution and   nozzle print mode, at 300 * 300Dpi resolution, speed up to 150 m / min)

Drying system

According to the laminated film’s   characteristics, LED cold light source drying method helps to minimize the   surface damage of the plastic film.

Detection system

Taking into account the need for   wide-format high-speed variable data detection. Sunkeyutilises an area array   / linear line detection system. CCD or CMOS image detection camera enables   detection of printing quality and variable data. This replaces the human   operator to do the detection. Horizontally arranged cameras will detect the   2D code, the recognized data will be inputted into the database and perform   data verification comparison and checks, detecting issues like severe code,   no code, error code, bad code and other data quality issues



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