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Pouch converting process

Pouch conversion is the process of taking a reel of laminate and folding it in various ways so as to transform into a usable pouch. In the process, heat is used to form the seals required using constant heat sealers. This, providing that the laminate being used has a recognized sealing layer, means that we are then capable of providing a full pouch conversion facility to printer/laminators with no such equipment.

Here at Sunkey Packaging, we convert roll stock into pouches, film bags, standup pouches, side gusset bags, sheets, roll stock flexible packaging, and speciality items.We have 10 pouch making machines which allows us to convert various sizes and types of laminates into finished pouches. We also have on-site technical expertise to help customers who want to purchase pouches using our materials, to find the right solution.

As a custom manufacturer and converter of flexible packaging films, our job is to produce the best custom pre-made/preformed bags and pouches at an affordable price. Products include:

    Zipper Pouches
    Stand Up Pouches
    Stand Up Zipper Pouches
    Quad Seal Pouches
    Three Side Seal Pouches
    Two Side Seal Pouches
    Quad Seal Bags with Fin Seal
    Quad Fin Seal Bags with Seal Strip Tape
    Side Gusseted Bags
    Crimp Seal Bags
    Fin Seal Bags
    Lap Seal Bags


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