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Food Vacuum Bags

We manufacture and sell a comprehensive range of clear vacuum pouches that are made from food grade PA/PE coextruded multilayer flexible film.

In combination with an “in chamber” vacuum sealer (or commercial vacuum sealer), the oxygen will be removed from inside the bag, which extends the shelf life of your products.

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Option 2 – Embossed Vacuum Bags

Our embossed vacuum sealer bags have a criss-crossing pattern texture on one side of the bag, which allows the appliance to function properly.

Perfect for use in any brand of vacuum sealing machine

The flexible, heavy-duty material wraps tightly around your food or other important items locking out oxygen and locking in flavor and freshness.

Our Food Vacuum Bags work perfectly for sous vide cooking, and can be frozen or microwaved

●    Available in many sizes
●    Quality product – excellent (3 side) seals
●    Quick to vacuum
●    Great for sous vide
●    For bone in meat
●    Clear plastic, easy to see the food
●    Suitable for sous vide!

●    Will work with EVERY brand of vacuum sealer

●    Thicker plastic, longer shelf life
●    Better barrier
●    Quick to vacuum
●    Great for sous vide
●    For bone in meat
●    Clear plastic, easy to see the food
●    Strong seals


●Good chemical stability, able to endure the erosion of most acids and  bases, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation properties.

●(material is usually PA/PE or PA/RCPP  PET/PE  PET/RCPP)

●Has good anti-static, oxygen barrier, shielding, moisture, shading and excellent heat sealing

●material is PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE )


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