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Custom lamina tions

Laminating is the process through which two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. The substrates making up the webs may consist of films, papers, or aluminum foils. In general terms, an adhesive is applied to the less absorbent substrate web, after which the second web is pressed against it to produce a duplex, or two-layer, laminate.
Different packaging goods have unique requirements where lamination can help to provide the best solution in terms of performance and food safety. At Sunkey packaging, we engineer customized flexible packaging structures designed specifically for your products for different types of markets: food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial.

The example below shows the function each layer performs within a basic five-layer laminated flexible packaging structure:
1. Exterior Layer
•    Provides dimensionally-stable print surface
•    Protects the ink
•    Protects the barrier layer
•    Plays a role in burst strength & tear resistance
•    Adds to overall pouch strength
2. Tie Layer
•    Provides another layer of protection for the barrier layer
•    Bonds the outside layer to the barrier layer
•    Hides the color of the barrier layer
3. Barrier layer
•    Provides chemical resistance
•    Prevents moisture, light, and oxygen transmission
4. Tie Layer
•    Bonds the barrier layer to the sealant layer film
•    Provides protection for the barrier layer
5. Sealant Layer
•    Allows the flexible packaging structure to be heat-sealable
•    Provides burst strength
•    Seals the product within
•    Protects the barrier layer


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