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Cook Chill Bags

Cook Chill Bags are designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures, allowing food to be frozen and reheated in the same bag.

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●  Bulk food preparation
   Packing and sealing the hot food in the appropriate Cook Chill bag
  Quickly cooling the product out of the danger zone
  Storing until needed (either refrigerated or frozen)
   Reheating and serving
  Various sizes, 1- 10 liters bags
  115 microns, strong with extra barrier
  Tubular bags, bottom seals only
  Double bottom seals
  All food safety documents available
  Best service
  Great prices

•    Suitable for Hot Fill Supplies (Soups, Sauces and etc.) by pouring, pump filling or vertical form filling
•    Suitable for temperatures of –20º F to +220º F
•    Easily withstand the rigors of your jet or tumble chiller
•    Secure using either a Clip seal or Heat seal

● Good tensile properties, good surface brightness, good puncture resistance

● Non-composite layer No delamination phenomenon, no sealing in the bag body , not easy to break

● No composite glue, in line with food safety standards


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