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Stand-up Pouch

One of the fastest growing trends in packaging is the Stand-Up Pouch.
Physically speaking, the benefits of the high gloss finish, the space savings when shipping and the zippers, recloseable feature are all reasons to gravitate to a Stand-Up Pouch for packaging your liquid or dry ingredients.
Sunkey's extensive experience in flexible packaging offers excellent product protection and finest print quality.

  • Technic
  • Applica
  • Feature

Delivered in roll stock or preformed pouches

Press-to-close zippers, Spouts and fitments, Valves, Hang hole, Tear notch, Rounded corners, Product window, Gloss or matte finish

Various types of packaging materials are used to formulate the laminate structure including polyethylene, polyester, nylon, film foil laminations and more.

End consumer features:
    Product Appeal - Brighter colors and optional windows
    Robust Barrier - High barrier properties for product freshness and full aroma preservation
    Brand Positioning / Differentiation - Opaque or transparent option for better product appeal

Dry Beverages:
Tea, Powdered Drinks, Coffee

Personal Care
Skin & Hair Care:
Hand & Body Care, Sun Care, Hair Care, Facial Care, Bathroom & Shower

Crisps, Snacks & Nuts:
Savoury Snacks, Nuts & Dried Fruits, Crisps

Cooking Aids & Spreads:
Spreads, Wet Cooking Aids, Dry Cooking Aids

Sugar Confectionery, Gum

Bars, Biscuits & Cereals:
Sweet Biscuits, Snack Bars, Cereals

● Stand-up pouches are laminated with PET/AL/PE structure, and can also have other specifications with 3 layers and 4 layers. According to the different products packed inside, oxygen barrier layer can be added as needed.

● Can be divided into two types: one with re-sealable zipper , and the other without zipper

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●Improve product quality, enhance shelf visual effects, portability, ease of use, freshness, sealability, and many other advantages

●Reduce oxygen permeability and extend product shelf life

●Stand-up pouch packaging is mainly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, suckable jelly, seasonings and other products


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